Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Headaches from Plexus products

You aren't the only one with a sore head!

Cortny asks: 

I have a woman asking me if it is normal to get more 

headaches when first starting Plexus Slim??

Tammy says "I had one on my second day using Slim"

Jenn says " I have had a headache and upset stomach since this normal?"

Valerie tells us " Bad headaches. All week"

Melinda shares "Mine lasted three days & after that I was good to go."

Ann tells us " Yes, it is very normal"

Tammi states "I have a friend that is taking the Slim and gets a headache every single time she drinks it. She is drinking enough water."

Paula wants to tell us "I had a mild headache the first 4 or 5 days also but it got better after that. "

Angela agrees " I had a headache all day today after drinking slim"

Stephanie says " I had a headache for about a week, and then they went away, and I have had very few headaches since"

Crystal says "I got headaches first 2 weeks" "I was told I was detoxing"

Laura confirms "I had this same thing when I first started the products. Immediate headaches, even before I was finished"

Christie W. said:

I feel shaky/hands shake too, along with migraines. I stopped taking it. I've seen others who complained of the shaking, so I'm wondering what its caused from.

Alisha P said:

I started having migraines while taking the new accelerator as well. I have discontinued use and I feel fine. I do not like it!!

Colleen wonders "My client is experiencing headaches while drinking slim. She's drinking plenty of water. "

Pamela has the same "I did at first, but they stopped."

April confirms "I had headaches for the first 3 days"

N.M. says "My friend had it too"

Toni sums it up best with her comment: 
 "oh ok, wells that's good to know that you can get headaches to begin with.Thank you!"


  1. It's called candida die off. It happened to me the first time I started plexus. After that it got rid of my migraine issues! That why i started plexus to begin with. Wish I never stopped. I'm on day 3 of starting again. Mild headache still. I will never quit taking this product again. Spent the last 6 months suffering with migraines. Never again. Plexus is an amazing product.

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